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Nanimom Fresh Chicken Powder (Halal Chicken)
Nanimom Fresh Chicken Powder (Halal Chicken)

Nanimom Fresh Chicken Powder (Halal Chicken)

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Product Information

Net Weight 50g

Fresh Halal Organic Chicken

Recommended Age 7+month
Shelf Life 1 year. Consume within 3 months once opened.
Storage Store at a cool and dry place to avoid sunlight and heat. 
Nanimom Raising a Healthy Happy Eater, SFA Licensed Kitchen, Healthier Choice
Raising a healthy & happy eater, is what we strive for as parents. Doing that, by giving them the best foods
Healthilicious Recipe, Organic Chicken Powder, easier for mum, heathier for little one
locally farmed chicken fed with probiotics. the meat is clean and less fat, the taste is incredibly pure and delicious
unique recipe to avoid nutritions and minerals loss meanwhile enhance the taste
super fine and smooth powder
make every meal healthilicious for your picky eaters
suitable for any recipe. marinate, porridge, soup, stir fry
nutrition, vitamin b3 niacin, selenium, high quality protein
No added salt, no additives, no preservatives
organic chicken powder information
nutrition facts


Nanimom Fresh Chicken Powder