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Baby Clear Chicken Broth
Baby Clear Chicken Broth

Baby Clear Chicken Broth

Say hello to our wholesome and flavorful Baby Chicken Broth! Made using only the finest organic ingredients, this clear broth is packed with flavor that both you and your baby will love. Perfect for nourishing your little one's growing body, our Baby Chicken Broth is an excellent source of essential nutrients.
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110ml x 3 Cups
110ml x 6 Cups
110ml x 12 Cups
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Note: Frozen items are currently only available in Singapore. 

Product Information

Net Volume 110ml
Ingredients Filtered Water, Organic Halal Chicken, Organic Carrot, Organic Onion, Organic Celery
Recommended Age 6+month
Shelf Life 6 months. Once reheated, consume as soon as possible; if thawed in the fridge overnight, consume within 2 days. 
Storage Store in the freezer at -18°C