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Nanimom Fresh Anchovy Ikan Bilis Powder


Nanimom Fresh Anchovy Ikan Bilis Powder 
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Nanimom Raising a Healthy Happy Eater, SFA Licensed Kitchen, Healthier Choice
Raising a healthy & happy eater, is what we strive for as parents. Doing that, by giving them the best foods
Healthilicious Recipe, Organic Chicken Powder, easier for mum, heathier for little one
fresh wild-caught anchovy ikan bilis. Anchovy (Ikan Bilis) is usually available as dried form that usually cured by salt. It’s salty, nutritions may loss during the curing process, and it’s easily get contaiminated. We are using fresh anchovy as ingredient of our powder,  it has better aroma, taste, safe and lower sodium compared to the dried option
Unique recipe to avoid nutritions and minerals loss meanwhile enhance the taste
super fine and smooth powder
make every meal healthilicious for your picky eaters
suitable for any recipe. marinate, porridge, soup, stir fry
Why regular anchovy seasoning powder sold in the market is FLAVORFUL and easily DISSOLVES in the water?
nutrition, omega-3 dha, calcium, high quality protein
No added salt, no additives, no preservatives
fresh anchovy powder information
nutrition facts
Nanimom Fresh Anchovy Ikan Bilis Powder